Get Started

For ease of use, here are some step-by-step instructions for getting started using the intranet.

There are two ways to get involved.

1. If you ONLY wish to “comment” or respond to  blog posts, you can get started immediately, without registering with WordPress (WordPress is the “host” of this blog).  Simply read a post and click on “Leave a Comment” or “Comments. ” Type your name in the box and enter your name and email address. Your comment will appear immediately.  Using this method of participation you can generate conversation on a particular topic – but keep it out of email.

2. To fully participate in your Network’s blog, you need to become an “author” to the site. To do this, you must create a WordPress account.

a) When you’re on the site, scroll to the bottom of the home page. Under the “Meta” subheading in the very bottom left corner of the screen, click on “Login.”

b) If you don’t already have a WordPress account, click on the link, “Register.”

c) This page can be confusing. You have the choice to create a blog (that is NOT what you want to do) or “Sign up for Just a Username”. Create a user name for yourself (perhaps first name and last initial – something your peers might recognize. This name will be displayed on the site everytime you post) and a password. Enter your email address.

d) You will then get a confirmation email from and you will be asked for you user name and password.

e) Follow the link and enter your username and password and click “Login.” Your account has now been activated.

f) Once your account is created, please email Crystal Branco (  and let her know that you are registered with WordPress. The only thing you need to include in the body of the email is the email address you used to register with. Courtney will set you up with authoring privileges and confirm when you are ready to roll.

g) Once Crystal has set you up as an author and you’ve had confirmation from her, you are ready to get going! Go to the blog. Login (there is a link to the login at the bottom of the page under the “Meta” subheading) and enter your WordPress username and password. You will be directed to your “dashboard.” The dashboard is basically the control panel for WordPress.

h) On the left hand side of the page you will see a heading called “Posts.” Click on “posts”. Then click on “add new.” Type your post in the text box. Like Microsoft Word, you can spell check, list items, bold, italicize, etc.  On the right hand side of the page you can choose a category that best describes the content of your post. Try to choose a category each time, as this makes it easier for your fellow network members to search the blog later. Finally, click the blue “publish” button. your post will now be live to the site. To leave the dashboard and go back to the site, click the blog name “Speakeasy” at the top left of the screen.

You’ve done it – that was easy!


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