About Us

The South Western Ontario Speech Language Pathologist Stroke Network

Who We Are:

A network for Speech Language Pathologists who provide services to stroke survivors and their caregivers across the stroke care continuum.

We provide mutual support, education, resources, and professional advocacy.

Group Goals:

1.  Share and develop expertise amongst Speech Language Pathologists through education, discussing issues, discussing best practice guidelines, and research;

2.  Facilitating positive working relationships and partnerships by providing a means of communicating for Speech Language Pathologists involved with stroke survivors/caregivers;

3.  Provide a Speech Language Pathologist link with other professional SLP organizations (OSLA), the SWO Regional Stroke Network, the Ontario Stroke System and other speech language pathology stroke initiatives, in order to advance professional representation through advocacy in partnership with the above;

4.  Strengthen and promote seamless Speech Language Pathology services for stroke survivors/caregivers across the continuum of care;

5.  Address gaps in services between and across corporations or providers;

6.  Develop, implement, and/or participate in research projects;

7.  To liaise with other professionals involved with stroke care.



3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I put copy of your RESOURCES on Stroke Survivors Tattler (http://stroke-survivors.org) on December 1st. Any problem, just e-mail to me at SSTattler11@gmail.com.
    Thanks / John A.

  2. crystalbranco says:

    Thanks John! I’ve been checking out your blog and think it is a great resource! I’ve posted the link to your blog for others to check out as well 🙂

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