Aphasia Retreat Day Volunteer Application Form

Hi everyone,

Here is the message from Taz:

Hi All,

Thank-you to all who have shown interest in being a volunteer on September 23, 2017 for the Aphasia Retreat Day at Woodeden Easter Seals Camp.  Please see the volunteer application form attached.  We are asking for the forms to be sent back by July 17th and then we will let you know by the start of August if we have a spot for you!

One of the principles of Aphasia Retreat Days/Camps is to have a ripple effect, whereby awareness and advocacy for all things aphasia related can spread through many communities.  As such, we try to ensure that our volunteers represent a range of professions/disciplines, experience levels, age, gender and come from all walks of life! Of course having SLPs volunteer is always something we look for to help model communicative access, but please feel free to send the brochure (previously distributed) and this volunteer application form to anyone you think might enhance the retreat day and benefit from the exposure to the aphasia community.

Many thanks for your continued support.  We anticipate that the participant application forms will be ready to disseminate next week!



Volunteer Application Form: Aphasia Retreat Day Volunteer Application Form 2017 (003)


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