Advanced Practices in Voice and Dysphagia – Las Vegas Conference

Saturday February 21, 2015 – WORKSHOP INFORMAITON:

    • Contemporary TNE and Advanced Procedures Course – This exciting course will offer beyond state-of-the-art training in office-based, unsedated esophagoscopy and advanced procedures. Topics that will be covered include contemporary indications and techniques of TNE, transnasal balloon dilation of the esophagus and airway, office-based injection medialization, office TEP, and radio frequency energy delivery to the LES (STRETTA) as a treatment of reflux disease.
    • SLP Workshop – This perennial course will address exciting intermediate topics such as the aging voice, optimizing outcomes in spasmodic dysphonia, and videostroboscopic pearls.
Space is limited for the pre-conference courses so please visit  You may pay online with your credit card or via check this year.  Either way, don’t wait too long.  Early bird registration ends January 16, 2015.
Early bird registration ends January 16, 2015
See attached for additional information:

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