My Voice, Through My Lens

My Voice, Through My Lens is a photography exhibit by Aphasia Institute clients, Garfield Alexander, Alex Lazar, and Tita Tubil.

Under the direction and supervision of Judith Leitner, Visual Arts teacher and Co-founder of the Toronto Heschel School, the artists, who live with aphasia, are learning the art of self-portrait photography. As they make images, the artists give voice to their thoughts, emotions and reveal their stories. The program was developed in a communicatively accessible format, and was designed to address communication barriers and the physical challenges related to stroke.

June 2 – 7


2 thoughts on “My Voice, Through My Lens

  1. helga schollenberger says:

    perhaps this is something we can have set up at our next slp network face to face meeting?

  2. crystalbranco says:

    Helga, I love that idea!

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