M​e​e​t​i​n​g​ ​I​n​v​i​t​a​t​i​o​n​:​ ​H​o​w​ ​t​o​ ​M​a​n​a​g​e​ ​S​w​a​l​l​o​w​i​n​g​ ​C​h​a​l​l​e​n​g​e​s​

How to Manage Swallowing Challenges
Seniors Health Knowledge Network
( http://www.seniorshealthknowledgenetwork.com) (SHKN) is pleased to present the Making Connections webinar series for 2013-14.

SHKN enhances seniors’ health and well-being through knowledge exchange, innovation and research.

Please join us for this interactive webinar!

Meeting Description:
Swallowing is a very complicated function that we take for granted until issues arise. For those with acute dysfunction, as in stroke, there is potential for recovery of function so we must find ways to temporarily minimize risk through texture modification or enteral nutrition. For those with degenerative diseases such as neuromuscular diseases or dementia, or for patients who are in later stages of palliation, once a swallowing issue manifests itself, there is little hope of recovery, so we are forced to make decisions on how we will manage it.

To make a quality decision, in the best interest of the patient, it is important have all of the facts. We need to have the medical facts: what is the swallow function, are there textures that are safer than others, does providing food enhance their pleasure or increase their discomfort, what is their disease prognosis, what impact will nutrition support have on that, what are the treatment options and how invasive/ unpleasant are they. We also need to have knowledge of what the patient wants; how important is food to them, how would they feel about enteral nutrition and what are their goals.

This presentation will give patients, families and care providers alike, an understanding of the steps involved in making a treatment decision, the questions they should ask of the dysphagia team and questions they should discuss as a family in order to make an informed decision on the care to be provided to them or their loved ones.

For more information, please contact Louise Daw
( mailto:ldaw@seniorshealthknowledgenetwork.com) , Knowledge Broker.


Date: Fri, Mar 28, 2014
Time: 10:00 AM EDT
Duration: 1 hour

Presenter Information

Deidre Burns

I graduated from Acadia in 1999, completed my internship at the QEII in Halifax, with clinical rotations in both neurosurgery and Stroke. I work as a clinical dietitian on the Medical floor at the Valley Regional Hospital in Kentville Nova Scotia where the bulk of my patients have dysphagia associated with stroke, neuromuscular disease or end-stage dementia. As part of my role, I assess swallowing function through both bedside assessments and modified Barium swallows. Following assessments, I work with patients, families and caregivers to develop nutrition care plans that enhance safety while maintaining the best quality of life for the patient. I am also currently the Chair of the Dietitians of Canada’s Dysphagia Assessment and Treatment Network, a professional network that assists dietitians to build the knowledge and skills required to develop competence in Dysphagia Care.


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