V​i​d​eo​f​l​u​o​r​o​s​c​o​p​y​ ​s​w​a​l​l​o​w​ ​s​t​u​d​y​ ​w​o​r​k​s​h​o​p​


There will be a VFSS workshop presented by Dr. Catriona Steele will be on for February 21-22, 2014. There are links below to the brochure and PDF with more information. If you decide you will be in attendance, please register ASAP at http://dysphagiaworkshop201.wix.com/slpworkshop,

Keep in mind Dr. Steele has indicated the course is most useful if you attend both days. Attending only day 1 is possible, but not ideal. She does not suggest only attending day 2.

Please direct any questions or concerns to myself at: katelyn.tieng@mail.utoronto.ca.

VFSS workshop brochure [1]



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