S​A​V​E​ ​T​H​E​ ​D​A​T​E​ ​-​S​T​R​O​K​E​ ​R​E​H​A​B​I​L​I​T​A​T​I​O​N​ ​B​E​S​T​ ​P​R​A​C​T​I​C​E​S​ ​U​P​D​A​T​E

On behalf of the Ontario Regional Education Group (OREG) you are invited to save the date:

Best Practice Recommendations for Stroke Care Update:

Presentation: Rehabilitation Updates

Presenter: Dr. Robert Teasell MD FRCPC

Date: Thursday, December 12th 2013

Time: 1200-1300hrs

Videoconference Event ID: 30379706

URL: https://schedule.otn.ca/tsm/portal/nonclinical/details.do?request.requestId=30379706

HOST SYSTEM: St. Joseph’s HC London – Parkwood, LON_SJHC_0396_PKW_01

In-person: Parkwood Hospital – ARGC conference room

Alternate Room(s) for viewing: University Hospital (C3-170, Boardroom) & Parkwod Hospital (A273-2)

Webcast: Live & Archived

Further details to come closer to the event….

Rebecca Fleck OT Reg. (Ont.)

Regional Stroke Education and Research Coordinator

Central South Regional Stroke Program


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