A​p​h​a​s​i​a​ ​I​n​t​e​r​e​s​t​ ​G​r​o​u​p​ ​-​ ​N​o​v​e​m​b​e​r​ ​2​8​

Here is the email Lisa sent around re: the next Aphasia Interest Group presentation:

Attached here you will find the flyer for the next Ontario Aphasia Interest Group session being held Thursday November 28 from 3:00 – 4:00 PM.

Join us live at Baycrest in the Jacob Family Theatre at the Poslun’s Auditorium or connect through OTN with the TSM# 30541631

We will be viewing the movie “Aphasia” – a wonderful story outlining the struggles of Carl McIntyre who suffered a stroke in 2005.

Following the viewing (~40 mins) we will have a brief discussion about marketing and, if time allows, Elyse Shumway will talk about Communities of Practice.

It’s a great movie – not to be missed by anyone who works with patients who have brain injuries!

Note – there is some swearing in the movie, but no different than what we hear from our patients.


Lisa Sokoloff, MS, CCC-SLP, Reg. CASLPO

Professional Practice Chief – Speech-Language Pathology

Specialist, International Relations and Interprofessional Education

Aphasia Interest Group flyer


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