B​e​t​t​e​r​ ​C​o​n​v​e​r​s​a​t​i​o​n​s​ ​w​i​t​h​ ​A​p​h​a​s​i​a


In March 2012, the UCL Better Conversations with Aphasia team, in collaboration with Connect and the Tavistock Trust for Aphasia, began a 12 month Economic and Social Research Council funded project to develop an e-learning resource to improve access to conversation therapy. The project is based within the Language and Communication Research department in the UCL Division of Psychology and Language Sciences and is linked to the Centre for Speech and Language Intervention Research.

Better Conversations with Aphasia is a free e-learning resource to improve access to conversation therapy for speech and language therapists/pathologists (SLTs), and for people with aphasia (PWA) and their families. Aphasia is a language disorder commonly caused by stroke that affects speaking, listening, reading and writing, and as a result everyday conversations can become difficult.

SLTs will learn how to do conversation therapy, have access to a complete therapy programme, interactive learning materials, and advice from experienced clinicians. PWA and their families will find out what conversation therapy is, what other PWA think of it, and be able to reflect on whether it is right for them. Video and audio materials are at the heart of the resource. Healthcare workers and medics who deal with people with aphasia and their family members will learn how aphasia affects everyday conversation, what conversation therapy is, and the evidence base for its efficacy.

To access this free resource go to https://extendstore.ucl.ac.uk/product?catalog=UCLXBCA

For more information, you can contact Firle Beckley, Stroke Association Junior Research Fellow & Research Associate on “Better Conversations with Aphasia” at f.beckley@ucl.ac.uk


One thought on “B​e​t​t​e​r​ ​C​o​n​v​e​r​s​a​t​i​o​n​s​ ​w​i​t​h​ ​A​p​h​a​s​i​a

  1. Helga Schollenberger says:

    Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of someone else.
    Helga Schollenberger, Reg. Caslpo,
    Speech Language Pathologist,
    Hotel Dieu-GraceHospital,
    1030 Ouellette Ave.,
    Windsor, On. N9A 1E1


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