Introducing…..Firle Beckley: Research Associate on “Better Conversations with Aphasia”

Hi everyone,

I would like to introduce to you a colleague in London, England, doing reasearch with people with Aphasia. Her name is Firle Beckley.

She is keen to establish links with any SLPs in Canada who are working with people with aphasia on improving their use of communication strategies within their everyday conversations. Below is the link to her research blog:

Her PhD is comparing 2 different therapies that aim to change how people with aphasia use communication strategies during conversations with a significant other. One of the therapies is called Better Conversations with Aphasia (BCA). This is a therapy that uses videos of people’s naturally occurring conversations to help them recognise and decide whether or not they would like to change their current conversation behaviours/strategy use. She helped to develop BCA at UCL, which has been really exciting work, culminating in the release of a free to access e-learning tool for all clinician’s and people with aphasia and friends/family who would like to learn more about working in this:

She will be presenting a BCA “roadshow” about this free resource at the ASHA Conference in Chicago in November

Firle is interested in finding out how we are integrating conversation/communication strategy approaches into our clinical practice. If you are interested in discussing this further, then please contact her at


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