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Caseload Management Tool Officially Released

January 9, 2012 (Ottawa, ON) – The Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists (CAOT), the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) and the Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists (CASLPA) partnered to develop the Interprofessional Caseload Management Tool project, funded by Health Canada. The partner organizations are pleased to have officially launched the Caseload Management Planning Tool (CMPT).

The CMPT is an innovative approach to caseload/workload management that can be applied to both individual provider and service perspectives. This evidence-informed approach matches the therapist’s available time for care with the complexity and intensity of clients’ treatment to forecast a model for effective and manageable workloads. The CMPT offers administrators and clinicians an opportunity to compile aggregate standardized data on service delivery. This data will provide useful information to support development of caseload guidelines for specific client groups and contribute to high quality, effective and sustainable health care for the all Canadians.

The CMPT is available to members of CAOT, CPA and CASLPA through the association websites. Non-members can purchase the tool through contacting one of the partner organizations. Online tutorial coming soon.

For more information, visit your organization’s members-only section.

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