COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY CLINIC (CTC) Grand River Hospital – Freeport Site

Here is the most up-to-date information on the referral process for the COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY CLINIC (CTC) atGrand River Hospital – Freeport Site, sent along by Pam Andersson.

Hi all,


Here is a copy of the new referral form for CTC.  You will notice a few changes and hopefully the fact that it is now even shorter.  We made these changes because of some confusion the old one seemed to be causing.  We hope that this version helps make the procedure more straightforward.  I will highlight a few items now:


  • Referrals must be completed in full.  This includes the facilitator agreement on page four.
  • Clients must have a primary SLP who has submitted a report, verified the client’s ability to use low-tech AAC and who will assist with vocabulary selection and stay involved with the client until s/he has proceeded to lease or purchase of the device.  The primary SLP has a responsibility to ensure that low tech supports and strategies are in place as we do not provide this level of service.  We focus on prescription and support of Expanded Level technology.
  • We do not provide a voice banking service.  This is a primary SLP responsibility.  There are two main reasons for this…if the client is able to complete voice banking, they still have functional speech and clients must be lacking functional speech to be eligible for lease/purchase of a Speech Generating Device (SGD); also, not all devices are capable of utilizing digitized speech recordings (ie iPod touch or iPad, Lightwriter, Dynawrite etc).  Voice banking is an option that the client may or may not take advantage of later on down the road.  The client may save the messages on a disc or flash drive or even a digital recorder.  Ensure that each message is a separate digital recording/file (not one long list of messages).  You may give your client the voice banking instructions attached and/or assist them with the recording.  Most clients record just a few (5-10) important personal messages, a rare few will record (50-100+).  For most, good quality synthesized speech is acceptable with personal messages in their own voice.
  • We provide consultative/support services for ANY AAC need to the primary SLP.  For example some SLPs may request electronic copies of generic alphabet boards; wish to brainstorm low tech or IA level options; be looking for advice on purchasing their department’s own SGDs for “in-house” use or simple messaging devices, resources for low tech materials or free-online software, or for individual training on an SGD or software.


We provide service to anyone receiving OHIP benefits.  Clients must be able to travel to our clinic for service.  Our revised travel policy allows CTC to provide a very limited “on-site/at home” service to those clients living in Waterloo-Wellington and/or LHIN3 who are medically unable to travel.  This restriction does not include necessary set-up/installation of computer systems within LHIN3. 


Thanks everybody!  Kindly forward this on to your SLP colleagues who may have been missed. Please write to me with any questions or feedback/concerns.



Pamela Andersson

Speech Language Pathologist

Communication Technology Clinic

Grand River Hospital

(519) 749-4300 ext 7417

CTC Referral Form (rev. June 2011)

Voice Banking


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