The InteRACT (Intensive Residential Aphasia Communictaion Therapy) program run through the Dalhousie University School of Human Communication Disorders is celebrating our 10th year of summer sessions.  During the 4.5 week program, individuals with aphasia live in residence and receive 5 hours of speech and language treatment daily Monday through Friday.  They attend with a Communication Partner from home, who can help to support skills and strategies once the person returns home.  The philosophy of the program is to maximize communication potential – with an ultimate goal of enhanced life participation.  In addition to speech and language therapy, participants also receive recreation therapy and group physiotherapy.  While time is spent in the clinical setting, community integration is an important component of the program.


The program has had participants from across Canada, the US and several countries outside of North America..


Information about the program can be found at our website:


A few spots remain for our second summer session which runs from July 6-August 5, 2011.


I am happy to talk with anyone who would like more information about the program, and I am also happy to provide the contact information for previous program participants.




Linda Wozniak  MA, CCC-SLP, S-LP(C)

InteRACT Program Director




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