Webinar: The new ‘Assessment for Living with Aphasia’ (ALA): An
information sharing session

Date: 25 March

Time: 11:00 am – 12:30pm(EST)

The Assessment for Living with Aphasia (ALA) is a pictographic,
self-report measure designed to measure outcomes associated with the
impact of aphasia on daily life.  The ALA is based on Living with
Aphasia: Framework for Outcome Measurement (A-FROM) (Kagan et al., 2008)
and aligns with the World Health Organization’s International
Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (WHO, 2001). It
captures outcomes across a range of severity (including severe aphasia)
and measure a variety of domains (e.g. impairment, participation,
personal factors). The ALA was developed with the input of people with
aphasia, caregivers and speech-language pathologists and piloted to
arrive at the present 45 question version. Questions are presented in a
conversational format with pictographic support and scores derive from
rating scales completed by the person with aphasia. Psychometric
analysis of data on 101 participants indicates strong and
moderate-strong inter-rater reliability and validity. In describing the
ALA we will present examples of pictographic support and rating scales
that were developed and refined through rigorous pilot procedures, as
well as describe potential applications of the ALA for therapy and
research. The ALA allows clinicians and researchers to access the
perspectives of individuals with aphasia, evaluate satisfaction with
life across a variety of life domains, derive both qualitative and
quantitative results and arrive at an overall quality of life score and
thus holds promise for guiding treatment planning and providing evidence
regarding the impact of various interventions on life with aphasia.


Aura Kagan, PH.D. Executive Director, Director of Education and Applied
Research, Aphasia Institute, Assistant Professor, Department of
Speech-Language Pathology, University of Toronto

Nina Simmons-Mackie Ph.D. Professor and Scholar in Residence, Department
of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Southeastern Louisiana

Aura Kagan will present and Nina Simmons-Mackie will join in the

To register:


Registration is free but limited to 150 participants

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