Aphasia in Ontario: What are your thoughts??

Deb Willems sent out an e-mail with this Health Horizon update.  Here is the PDF of the Health Horizon and 1 of the articles referenced in it.  Take a closer look at them and let us know what you think!

Article #1: Incidence and Profile of Inpatient Stroke-Induced Aphasia in Ontario, Canada

This statement was one that stood out for me:   ” However, even at regional stroke centers, more than one third of patients with aphasia were not seen by a speech language pathologist before discharge.”

Why do you think this is?  And what can we do to change it?  What part of the article did you find most interesting?


Incidence and Profile of Inpatient Stroke-Induced Aphasia inOntario


One thought on “Aphasia in Ontario: What are your thoughts??

  1. dbandur says:

    I am disappointed, yet not surprised by the percentage of patients not receiving speech-language assessments during their acute care hospital stays. With greater fiscal constraints, Speech-Language Services have been under tremendous pressure, as have others, to make changes in the care that they deliver to patients. Over the last number of years, there has been a trend for S-LPs to place a higher priority in assessing/managing swallowing problems in patients, citing greater “safety issues” to the extent where in many facilities speech and language disorders are at best “screened”. I would contend that patients with aphasia also experience safety issues when unable to communicate their needs, feelings of pain, wishes around consent, etc. These failed communication attempts result in added financial costs to our healthcare system, in addition to the emotional costs experienced by patients and families. As S-LPs, we are responsible for making recommendations to our organizations around what it means to deliver “safe” and quality care and for modelling the importance that we attach to communication, as well as swallowing.

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