Return to Work for People With Aphasia

Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 2022; 103: 1249-51

Respiratory Muscle Training Reduces Respiratory Complications and Improves Swallowing Function After Stroke: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

WeisongZhangMD, HuijuanPanMD, YaZongMD, JixianWangPhD, QingXieMD

Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Volume 103, Issue 6, June 2022, Pages 1179-1191


To investigate whether respiratory muscle training is capable of reducing the occurrence of respiratory complications and improving dysphagia (swallowing or cough function) after stroke.


This meta-analysis provided evidence that respiratory muscle training is effective in reducing the risk of respiratory complications and improving dysphagia by reducing penetration or aspiration during swallowing liquid bolus after stroke. However, there was no sufficient evidence to determine that respiratory muscle training improves cough function. Additional multicenter studies using larger patient cohorts are required to validate and support these findings. Furthermore, long-term follow-up studies should be performed to measure outcomes, while avoiding bias due to confounding factors such as heterogeneity of the etiologies of dysphagia.

Rehab Resources for speech and language therapy

The co-founder of Bungalow Software has an awesome blog full of educational, theoretical and therapy resources to support those recovering from brain injuries. There are resources for patients, caregivers and clinicians.

There are several videos, how to instructions, ideas and worksheets if you’re just starting out or wanting to elevate your practice.

Check out the blog here and enjoy another handy resource.

Thank you Clay Nichols for your excellent contribution!

SLP Network Meeting May 18th


We celebrate the work you do to enrich the lives and support recovery for the stroke survivors you treat! Thank you.

Shout out to Valerie Zouzal for carrying the torch as the Chair of the SLP Stroke Network for the last three years. We have appreciated your leadership Valerie. Thank you!

Join us in extending a warm welcome to Crystal Branco – who has stepped in to the SLP Stroke Network Chair position. Crystal Branco is a private speech-language pathologist in the London and surrounding areas. She graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 2008. She has previously worked in home health, acute care and inpatient and community rehabilitation for stroke and traumatic brain injury. Her passion is innovating and helping people improve their lives. 

We are glad to have you aboard Crystal!

We invite you to join the SWOSN SLP Stroke Network meeting on May 18th 2022, 1200-1300.  Guest speaker Allison Braid will be focusing on Virtual Post Stroke Communication and Swallowing Assessment. She will have tips for instilling success and also on how to translate an in-person practice to a virtual practice.

EVA Park – Virtual Reality for People with Aphasia

Have you heard about this brilliant technology? Did you know people with aphasia collaborated to create this program?

EVA Park is a groundbreaking system that allows those with aphasia to practice getting out into the (virtual) world, socializing and communicating. What a fun way to practice language skills for functional communication tasks!

Check out the details on EVA Park’s website.

Tough time keeping up with the latest in Aphasia Therapy??

Thanks goodness for Megan Sutton and her team at Tactus Therapy!

If you haven’t heard of this team, head to Tactus Therapy’s website immediately.

Not only can you learn about all of her amazing apps with communication and dysphagia supports, you can also access step by step guides to implementing evidence based treatment approaches in aphasia.

What is your favourite resource on this website?

Thank you Megan for making these resources accessible for us!

Aphasia Retreat Day: Fillable Volunteer Application + Participant Application Forms

Hi everyone,

Here is the message from Taz about this:


Hi again all!

We now have a pdf version of the participant application form for Aphasia Retreat Day 2017.  Each person with aphasia (pwa) is welcome to invite one friend/family/caregiver (f/f) to attend if they wish.  The cost is $45.00 for each participant (pwa or f/f) and each person attending must complete the form (pwa and f/f).  Please do what you can to encourage your clients with aphasia to come, it is always a very positive experience!  The forms will be posted to the March Of Dimes Canada website as well, but for now here is a fillable volunteer application form (if you prefer this to the Word document sent earlier) and the participant application form in pdf version.

Many thanks for this!


fillableAphasia Retreat Day Volunteer Application 2017 (1)

participantAphasia Retreat Day Application (2) (003)

Aphasia Retreat Day Volunteer Application Form

Hi everyone,

Here is the message from Taz:

Hi All,

Thank-you to all who have shown interest in being a volunteer on September 23, 2017 for the Aphasia Retreat Day at Woodeden Easter Seals Camp.  Please see the volunteer application form attached.  We are asking for the forms to be sent back by July 17th and then we will let you know by the start of August if we have a spot for you!

One of the principles of Aphasia Retreat Days/Camps is to have a ripple effect, whereby awareness and advocacy for all things aphasia related can spread through many communities.  As such, we try to ensure that our volunteers represent a range of professions/disciplines, experience levels, age, gender and come from all walks of life! Of course having SLPs volunteer is always something we look for to help model communicative access, but please feel free to send the brochure (previously distributed) and this volunteer application form to anyone you think might enhance the retreat day and benefit from the exposure to the aphasia community.

Many thanks for your continued support.  We anticipate that the participant application forms will be ready to disseminate next week!



Volunteer Application Form: Aphasia Retreat Day Volunteer Application Form 2017 (003)